When my boyfriend said I want you to know “I’m a gamer”

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By Julie Timlin

Who would’ve known exactly what he meant when my boyfriend said I want you to know “I’m a gamer”

My first thoughts were that’s awesome he’s adventurous and likes to be entertained. As time went on, I struggled with understanding how he could play for hours at a time and not be bored. Then it came to light when he slowly sucked me in. As a new gamer there were many obstacles I went through. My first was the controls they were so frustrating!! I wanted to throw my controller out the window. My family loved watching me play, I was very entertaining. It was like black and white no grey in there anywhere. Watching me you either saw the sky or the ground no in between. Never did you actually see the game itself till I got the controls down. Our kids still give me grief sometimes when I play I hear Hey Mom, remember the first few times you played Skyrim….The funny thing is I didn’t do half bad I actually killed some guys!! It’s definitely a world I didn’t understand when he first said those words, Hey I really want you to get this…I’m a gamer!!!  What can I say he tried to warn me! You either go with it and dive deep or run the other way! I chose to dive deep with him and we have a family dynamic of gamers now that makes life fun!

Growing up, my younger brothers loved to play video games and role play as characters. One of  their favorite pastimes was dressing up like ninja turtles. The shells on their backs they used as backpacks along with nunchucks and swords running around the house screaming heroes in a halfshell turtle power. Definitely adventurous right.

For me growing up, one of my favorite things to do was go to the arcade. I loved playing the race car games. As soon as I got there, I ran to the race cars and climbed in and claimed it.  I grew up quite the thrillseeker loving anything that went fast. Going to theme parks was my ultimate favorite as I love any roller coaster. I would get in line over and over riding all the roller coasters for the day. The race cars came in as a close second. Other favorites during the 80’s I played were PacMan, Space Invaders,and of course the race car games.

So needless to say I knew a little when I moved in with my boyfriend I saw a different side of the gaming world. The intensity was extreme to me as I was not used to sitting down for 8 hours nonstop playing a game. When he played he would go onto his computer at which point I think he got hypnotized because he lost track of time completely. It’s quite funny to watch him! I’ll get comments like I haven’t been on that long and it’s like 6 hours later. LOL This was hard to understand at first I mean you think your guy is paying attention to you during a conversation but his reply is to the game like Oh Crap! It’s like he’s physically there but mentally only about a quarter of him is the rest of him is lost in another realm.

One amazing thing I noticed is the effects it has to diffuse someone. I never thought of gaming as a tool that could help people calm down but it has a very calming effect on my husband, yes I ended up marrying the gamer!

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