What caught my eye and now has me hooked…….

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I was exploring around Steam this weekend checking out what was out and a game caught my eye. Steam had a weekend deal on a game I’ve been wanting to get for a few months now. My husband and I were at GameStop a few months ago and I had my eye on it then. I love the Hobbit series so when I saw Middle Earth- Shadow of Mordor, I got super excited. I didn’t waste any time adding it to my cart and buying it. Rather ansy in my seat as it installs I wait as the time runs down. I play role play games with my husband and our friends and I find I struggle with getting into the roles sometimes so I think this game is going to help with that. I’ve always been more of a visual learner so engaging with the game will be easy. I will be doing a review on this soon. I already have another right behind this one. I saw Middle Earth- Shadow of War and it had a pre-release special which is very tempting. It’s releasing on October 10th. I’m at the point where my computer is going to need some upgrades to catch up with this new gamer! While your patiently waiting for the Middle Earth Shadow of War there is a mobile game version available now. Command Middle- Earth’s greatest champions and orcs in a real time RPG. Experience unique encounters and fight your Nemesis. Watch the game (AI) change the course as you give it feedback. Once your Nemesis is defeated you can choose to make him your ally to use with you. Make sure you fight duels to get extra help with the war. Coming up this week I’m going to play One Finger Death Punch with my husband and we will share some video of our games with you. Let’s just see if I can beat him! I’m going to go in optimistic!!

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