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The new feature is running slightly behind due to things beyond our control. We are still planning on releasing a new format for Julie’s Blog this month. Which will include the start of our December kick off of our reviews/updates of a growing list of Sci-fi games.  With that there is still time to reach out to us, drop an email or comment below on any Indie game out there you would like us to look at, help promote.

We are always looking for feedback on how to make this better, fun and enjoyable for all.

As always thanks for your time.


—— New feature update

Also  coming to twitch Brother vs Brother where My brother and I decided to go head to head on several games Starting with our civ 5 rematch.  You can jump to our facebook page or group. Once you get there make sure you Like the page and join the group.  The early you join in the faster we can get the content that matters to you



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