Thinking about all the things I could make for my gamer husband and I came up with a DIY space cockpit……

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What better way to game then have your own space cockpit creation! I like the idea of creating our own due to the fact you can modify it to fit your style and comfort.  Comfort is huge for my husband especially when the gaming sessions go past 4-6 hours. My favorite out of what I’ve seen so far has three to four monitors set up like a cockpit. This allows for versatility and the ability to put yourself in the element. I know he’s looking forward to getting the VR equipment to give himself the full gaming experience! Interestingly enough I found a YouTube video that has a space gaming cockpit that would be awesome for him.


Check it out and give me some feedback. I’d love to hear what DIY projects you have done!

Finally there are some games coming out that will be multiplayer. One specifically that we are excited about is called Star Citizen. My seasoned gamer absolutely loves space games and I found it’s a great theme for us to play together since we both love space so much. The plan is eventually to build one for both of us. Having a room in our home that is set up for a full creative gaming environment is our goal!

In the past,  I played mostly race car games so we might have to build a racing simulator for me! One of my favorite past times was going to the arcade and immediately jumping into the race car simulator, throwing my quarters in and playing for hours! I got lost in my environment which was awesome. Check out this website for a few ideas for your gamer friends or family.

Coming up this week I’m going to be reaching out to Indie developers and publishers to gather more insight on what’s out there. I’m going to be playing some new games and reviewing them too!

An interview with another game developer is in the works so keep checking back for that as well. Don’t forget to like and share our page.

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