The New Twist

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A new twist on my blog is about to unfold! I’ve been thinking of new ways to expand my blog and get some interaction. This month I’m going to be tackling my husband’s collection of games and reviewing only the Sci-fi games he has played. We will pick a new genre each month to get into! I encourage you to respond and give feedback on each review. Tell us what you liked about the game, go as far as sending us a video of you interacting with your favorite games. I will be reaching out and reviewing other gamer blogs and providing interesting  feedback to you here on my blog.

I’m researching gamer set ups and looking for ideas on how to  set up our gamer space. I particularly love the gamer racing chairs and want the room and background to have a space theme. If anyone has any ideas or has already created a cool set up share it with me here on the blog!

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