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Screenshot from the Setup program downloaded from https://www.madcatz.com/index.php

It all starts with bad cable, After 8 years of use.

I had the RAT 7 for years. It was a great mouse and never ever let me down. Well that was not until last month right before Christmas. It started with my computer kept losing connection with the mouse and at first there was number Windows fixes I went through and when all else failed I had to order a cord from amazon. Well this is great as Amazon has tons of them and cheap too. But after I finished surgery on my poor RAT 7 and it was working as a mouse. Although, some features no longer worked the ability to adjust the mouse speed on the fly and small things. So then Came the debate checking website after website reading reviews from Razor, Logitech and of course MadCatz.

With some hesitation and waiting for almost 3 weeks, I finally got the MadCatz 8+ The entire time was hoping everything I was reading was right. That it is indeed almost the same as my old mouse.

Overall it’s a great replacement

Well it is very close they are some key differences. It has a better DPI, faster response time, and better sensors. The mouse changes color highlights which matches my new keyboard from Soundblaster(Review on this later). So this mouse is customizable in feel and function from top to bottom and the list goes on. It’s lighter and more responsive. The application to set up is better than the old one. There is a lot that is the same too. It still comes with the tool in the back to adjust and change the mouse, Most the extra buttons are the same as well. All this makes a great purchase for the replacement.

The downsides are few and forgivable.

First it’s lighter mostly because it comes with less weights (Only has 3) The 7 has 5. Next while it does adjust my RAT 8 thumb adjustment is locked in place and the small tool they come with the 8 I can’t get a good enough grip to free it again luckily I have my own tools here so that issue will be quickly solved as well.

The packaging

The only other thing I wasn’t totally excited about was the packaging. As the 7 came in a nice box that I still have to this day that I kept all the extra parts in. The 8’s box is lacking and doubt will hold the same test of time.

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