Struggles as a new gamer

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This weekend I set out to play a game to gather information and footage for a new review of a new gamer in motion only to realize not every game I try I will conquer! I started playing a game that’s in the early access stage not really understanding what that entailed. I started out excited to play cause it’s a space game and so far they’re my favorite. I’m thinking I got this, so I click the tutorial thinking this will give me the tools I need to play. Man was I wrong!! I started the tutorial only to see that all of a sudden I’m in a ship that’s about to crash on some rocks. I was able to figure out in the nick of time that I could steer the ship to a safe spot, however my speed I wasn’t so lucky.  I crashed and somehow survived. I managed to get out of the ship and I see myself standing there unable to move. This was very frustrating as I start clicking the keyboard and mouse trying to figure out how to move. At this point, I’m amusing my husband because I forgot the basic gamer keys W-A-S-D which in itself had him ROTFL. After some time, I got the hang of it and started to conquer my objectives hitting some snags along the way. All the while I’m trying to figure out what to do while I’m in the tutorial that should be teaching me. On the flip side I’m looking forward to tackling this one again as it looks very fun to play now that I got the basics. A good tip for a new gamer would be check out if a game is in early access or not before you play. Not all the features will be there the same way a game that’s just been released from the store would be. Check out my review later this week to see how it panned out! Don’t forget to like and share our page!


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