Stardew Valley Review

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Stardew Valley

Gameplay Review


Stardew Valley is a game about a character who inherits their grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley. The game begins with the character growing tired of their old life in the city, and deciding to move down into the farm they inherited. The player is given a small amount of cash and basic tools to get started and get used to how the game works.


At a first glance, the game seems like your average farming simulator, however as the player progresses, you learn that there is more to Stardew than just farming. The further the player gets into the game, the more lore the player earns.


As the player works on their farm, they have to not only maintain crops, but constantly clear debris, raise different animals, and construct machines to make products worth more value.

There is more than farming in the world of Stardew Valley. The player also has the opportunity to interact with the 30 different NPCs, and befriend them. There is even an option to date and eventually marry some of the characters. The more interactions the player makes, the more the player learns about the lore behind Stardew Valley, and all of the different NPC’s backstories.


There are a variety of different skills the player can improve over time. The main five skills in the game are Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat. These skills can be maxed out to level ten. The player also adapts other skills in the game, like cooking recipes and crafting materials to upgrade the farm.


Overall, the game has a deeper meaning to it than it appears. The game is addicting to play, and consistently keeps the player busy with a variety of different tasks to complete and quests from NPC’s. There is a base of 2 ingame years to play, however if the player so desires it is possible to play as long as they wish. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who favours RPG games with hidden lore in them.


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