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My newest addition Mechanical Keyboard made by soundblaster.

Note: This product was purchased. We did not receive any form of compastation or endorsement for writing this review.

Creatives first Keyboard

Let us get into a quick run down of some basic technical things. First of all the features are as follows. So on the right we have a sound scroll wheel, typical sound controls lock button to lock the windows key and the backlighting on off key. While on the left we have the five macro buttons. Control of the backlighting comes from the the software as a result you do need to the support site and download it.

Soundblaster’s Vanguard keyboard first impressions is that it has a solid feel andthe mechanical keyboard has a distinctive click when typing. (This is personnel thing some people want a quiet keyboard) 

Wrist support works well with my style of typing and resting. With very little hand cramping.

  • PRES Switches
  • Low profile keycaps
  • USB 2.0 pass through port
  • 109 Fully programmable keys
  • Programable Aurora Reactive lighting. Custom colors to your WASD keys
  • 2 position adjustable height.
  • Detachable wrist guard

SImilarly, the packaging was well done and comes ‘with everything you need to get started except the software you have to download from the website.

Above all the setup once everything was installed was fairly simple. Simply a plug and play with only a few tweaks to the setup software. Process was quick and straightforward. Being this is Creatives jump into the keyboard market they delivered on a quality product that fits perfectly. Do not forgot about the software “Soundblaster Connect”

Setting up custom keys colors is as simple as just clicking the key and the color wheel

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