Shadow of Mordor Play through with 2 different types of controllers

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This weekend I played Middle Earth-Shadow of Mordor on my PC using 2 types of controllers instead of my mouse. We bought them from Amazon and my husband did unboxing videos on each of them. One was a Steam controller which was relatively basic compared to the ones we had so far that came with our gaming systems. I played with it for about an hour and my fingers and wrist were sore. I wouldn’t recommend this one for long hours of play. The most uncomfortable parts were the key pads, the angles your fingers maneuvered made it hurt after a bit. Other than that it was easy to use and everything worked well. Just a tip for you..  I read that you do need a steam account to use that type of controller.

The second type of controller I tried was a Razer Serval. This one I liked a lot if it wouldv’e worked. It was very comfortable to use but the triggers wouldn’t work on either one of our computers. With some research on the forum for Razer Serval,  it’s an ongoing issue and they’re aware of the problem. One key feature that caught my eye reading the box was you can connect up to 4 simultaneous controllers for fun multi-player gaming on your tv in the comfort of your living room. What better way to spend a Friday night than gaming with your friends!! It also has an adjustable gaming clip for portable gaming with Android so you can snap your phone in the clip and go making this a very versatile gaming controller. I hope they get the issue resolved soon so I can attempt to check this controller out a bit further on my new game. I will continue to search for a controller that fits my need for comfort and versatility.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment on the blog and share with me. What’s out there that you like to use with your PC? I ended up going back to using my mouse for the rest of my play through with the Shadow of Mordor. I definitely prefer not to use the mouse as I think the controllers are better at responding for a quick reaction especially engaging in combat!

So far, I really like the game! It keeps my attention and has me very engaged. The initial play through I had it under the Nemesis forge section instead of story mode. I adjusted it and continued on. The graphics are good even though I’m finding out even though I bought my computer just under 2 years ago it already needs some upgrades to keep up with the new games coming out. My husband went searching for things to upgrade. He decided to upgrade my graphics card to a Asus GeForce GTX 1060 and a 750 watt power supply just to get me caught up a bit. With Shadow of War coming out and seeing the specs I’ll need to play and review that game for you all the upgrade was a necessity! Tune in for game play with my husband and I playing One Finger Death Punch and see if I end up beating him! Also coming up this week a review on Middle Earth -Shadow of Mordor. Don’t forget to like our page and share it with your friends! Help us get our name out there and if you know any Indie developers that are looking for people to review their games send us a message.

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