Rogue Islands Review

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By Julie Timlin, Paul Timlin, Ollie Timlin

(We received a copy of this game through Keystone Games ( for doing this review)

Purchase through steam on September 12th 2017.

Coming off the ship your character sets off to save the world with merely a wand in your hand. Race across the seven islands to beat the 5 Lords of Torment and collect resources along the way to keep yourself alive and grow your strength. After you cope with the mad dash for resources you complete each level’s objectives.

Rogue Islands is a first person shooter style game “with an adaptive AI engine that tracks your progress and skills modifying the game play accordingly”


JT> As a new gamer, I found this game a bit challenging for my first few run throughs. My first try entailed quite a few jaw dropping moments as I died in like 5 seconds! Some of my initial challenges were swimming through the water dodging skeleton piranhas in order to grab gurgleweed which was one of my ingredients needed to craft a nightmare that gave me a life. It also healed me when I was poisoned or I got terrified. From there I went around the edges of the island gathering food and killing monsters for more crafting ingredients to create more spells.The enemies adapted around me and this kept me on my toes. After I collected a good stash of resources I took on the levels objectives. Accomplishing the first objective to the portal was tricky but I found a few ways to get up there. My favorite part of the game was the constant changing of the map on each playthrough. This was a very unique and well thought thru approach which really makes this a game that will keep you coming back for more. The soundtrack was simple and suspenseful throughout the journey. The graphics are awesome and it reminds me a lot of Minecraft without the building but with all the extra goodies it has the building isn’t missed.

PT> My first few runs were met with a quick death and a very confused look, It took a moment to plan and then it was game on. The AI adapted fairly quickly to keep the game challenging . During this new play through is when I first encountered a tower and then a castle with chest in side them giving me an ever increasing advantage on the first island.  Between gathering Diamonds to increase magic wand and other resources which also came in handy at each island I went too. This game ranks as something that has high replayability thanks to its procedural and adaptive design for a Rogue like first person shooter

OT> During my short play through of the game Rogue Island I saw several things I liked; the user interface was simple and effective. But when you are in your inventory the game does not pause, which makes it more challenging due to the large quantity of enemies throughout the map. The ability to upgrade your spells is highly appreciated as some of the enemies are fairly difficult to kill if there are more than one around you. Even though I kept bumping into the poisonous prickel sticks, I do like good obstacles in games to make you watch where you are going. And the fact that they call carrots, “juicy roots” is charming. The graphics in this game are pretty good and the style is definitely fitting of the theme.

The details: Rogue Island is a procedural game developed to have a ever changing and challenging gaming environment.  This game feature a Voxel based landscapes that change with each game which helps it remain pretty much gives you something new to see every time you play.  The developers have laid some pretty serious foundation work which will give Rogue Islands a lot of room to grow and expand.

The developers Kiaran Ritchie (lead animator at Bioware and world leading RPG expert) and Jane Whittaker (developer of multiple FPS games including Alien VS Predator and 5 times Games Programmer Of The Year winner). Along with keystone games should add enough weight to this title for a pretty solid future.




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