Production Line Press Kit Information (May 2017)

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Game Title: Production Line

Developer: Positech Games ( )

Publisher: Positech Games ( )


Target Platform: PC

Target Sales Channels: Direct from developer, Steam, GoG, Humble Store.

Release year: scheduled for 2017

Genre: Simulation/Management/Strategy

Press contact: Cliff Harris (

Short Description:

A management/strategy game where the player runs a small, but growing car company. The objective is to grow your business whilst at the same time perfecting the layout, and production process for making cars, in order to bring the sale price for your cars as low as possible and thus available to the mass market. The game is singleplayer, isometric and designed for the PC. The mechanics of the game as unusual in that the player is not striving to make the product bigger, but to constantly subdivide the production process in order to squeeze every possible optimisation and making each stage of the production line as simple and fast and efficient as possible.


Cliff originally developed the idea as a side-scrolling management game, set in the early days of the motor car (model T ford being the obvious example). Over time it developed into a modern day isometric game. As part of the research, Cliff visited the Ford Factory at Detroit and the Henry Ford museum. The game is based heavily on the production philosophy written in Fords own books.

Cliff never cared about cars until he bought a hybrid car. Later he bought a Tesla. Now he won’t shut up about cars, and car factories.

Previous Games Developed: Democracy 3. Gratuitous Space Battles 1 & 2. Democracy 3 Africa. Gratuitous Tank Battles. Kudos.

Previous Games Published: Redshirt. Big Pharma. Political Animals.


Development plan:

As open as possible, taking as much input from the community as possible, with blogs & video blogs. We have now made 22 video blogs, released every Sunday. The game is on sale direct now for alpha access at a pre-order price, Early access on GoG and Steam is planned followed by full release.


Current Status:

Pre-order with alpha access for $12 from: (using humble widget)

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