Month of December’s Sci-Fi Game 1 Review

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My family and I tackled playing Game 1 of December’s Sci-Fi theme- 3030 Deathwar Redux, developed by Bird in Sky and published by Crunchy Leaf Games.  You start this game out by salvaging a spaceship only to find a dead body on board and your new ship impounded within minutes. As you continue to explore, you work your way around the ship leveling up and completing fetch quests. This game has an open world feel with the ability to upgrade or buy a new ship, salvage wrecks, trade cargo, and complete missions. Some missions are time sensitive and a lot of missions are basic deliveries. The story advances automatically as you complete side missions. The story line is a linear style allowing no deviation. Get ready for a dialogue driven story which at times can seem a bit dry.

This game has a nice pixel art style reminiscent of Sierra’s Space Quest. It’s level design is layered which creates a cool 3-D effect. This game is not a quick play game so if you want to enjoy it to its fullest, be prepared to play a few hours to start. If your’re used to the basic PC controls, this game should be easy to pick up on. It does utilize the mouse to interact with NPC’s and the background’s environment while the spacecraft is primarily controlled with the keyboard. Sometimes the menu and the map are a bit confusing, but overall it’s pretty easy to follow. In order to get where you are going you need to remember the mission location on the map because when you get to the map it doesn’t tell you where to go. It can be hard to travel through space without running into other spacecrafts which will result in fines and police chases.

Despite some of the set backs we encountered, if you have enjoyed Sierra’s style of games and sense of humor in the past, this game should appeal to you. Please don’t kick the droids!

Press Info:
A fusion of Elite-style space exploration, frantic and fast-paced combat, and a healthy dose of Lucas Arts-style comedic adventuring, 3030 Deathwar Redux sets you free to roam the entire galaxy, after a mysterious War left planets uninhabitable and the remaining stations on quarantine lockdown. Help freewheeling space pilot John get back on his feet in a huge open world, and pilot your own course through the game’s dizzying array of missions, stories and features.

3030 Deathwar was originally released in 2007. The Redux version is a completely reworked game, the result of several years of hard work, and adds an extended adventure – with more characters and content, graphical enhancements, balancing and gameplay changes, a smoother experience and tons of other improvements!

Open-world space adventure with frantic combat and 30 star systems to explore
Board stations, visit the bars and talk to an array of space scum
Ghostly derelict ships to find on your Star-Map, spacewalk into, and salvage valuables
Large variety of fun jobs and missions, with amusing and exciting side-quests
Diverse array of ships to buy and upgrade for Performance, Defence and Combat
Get a fuel-scoop and refuel from the corona of a sun without frying yourself!
Find Pirate Stations and begin a life of crime, attack innocent traders, steal cargo from traffic
Invest in a large cargo ship and go asteroid mining for metals, or haul goods between systems
Hidden wormhole shortcuts, comets, unique stations and other secrets to find
Get caught up in an irreverent, amusing and enthralling main story
A whole load more!

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