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Let’s Game it Out is unique youtube channel where “Josh” walks through games. First of all his unapologetic torture of a games AI to basically make it bend to his will. This is a channel that is that has to be seen to be enjoyed because of this we won’t spend a lot of time explaining the older videos.

Certainly once you watch the attached video above from his channel you will see what makes his channel enjoyable to watch.

The humor expressed in his latest video did not disappoint because using the Freeform Zoo Tycoon to really push the game mechanics. Finding new ways of crossing line, however don’t think many developers think would be crossed. For instance of using the expansive creation tool set to build homes for the animals. In the normal way of most his videos in all the madness he really does find a way to show a games vast features in an extremely fun way

Hence we find it hard to find anything negative to write about this channel. It’s fun, friendly, Josh has a great prenance in his videos.

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A gaming let’s play channel by some guy named Josh who makes fun-loving videos filled with joy and sarcasm.


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