Interview with Ben Palladino

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I got an opportunity to interview Ben Palladino who’s currently creating his own game called Where We Live? Check it out and give him a like and share it with your friends!

Interview questions-

(The Cache)-
– Is your game based on something in your own life?

(Ben)- “This game is not based on my life, but I’m sure there are (or will be) things that mirror aspects or events of my own life experiences. Probably without me even realizing it.”

(The Cache)- When is your release date?

(Ben)- “There is no set release date. This game (as of now) is planned to be released episodically with Chapter 1 sometime in 2018.,

(The Cache)-  Did you create a timeline to complete your game?

(Ben)-  “There was a timeline or at least I had a roadmap, however I had to bring some people on to the team. Doing this caused trouble because now I’m waiting to get some assets back or busy with my other project that recently got funded on Kickstarter.”

(The Cache)- Have you worked on other games or is this your first?

(Ben)-  “Everything I know in terms of game development, I taught myself. I’ve been practicing, learning, and training my skills for the past 10 years. I’m no expert but I can get the job done with some help from others. This is my first “big deal” project where I’m really going through with it and getting it out there. I’ve never work on anyone else’s projects but my own.”

(The Cache)- What has been your most challenging part of your creation so far?
– What resources did you use to tackle your challenges making your game?

(Ben)- The most challenging part of creating this game is simply, the black and white style. In 3D space, it is difficult to make things look nice when it’s black and white. This is because of the multiple sides to an object whereas in 2d space its much easier to contrast black and white. Deciding what should be white and what should be black has been challenging and it all comes down to trial and error, but I think I’ve got it figured out now.

(The Cache)- Any suggestions to someone who is starting out making a game of your own?

(Ben)- Don’t expect to do it alone. In the beginning, I had this mindset of “I’m going to be a solo developer!, but in reality everybody needs some help. Knowing every aspect of game design and development is difficult. Programming, 3D modeling, art skills, marketing, etc. is a lot to handle if you want to be a solo dev. Do what I do and search online for people that are proud to be working on your project. My team (including me) has 6 awesome people working hard on Where We Live!

(The Cache)-  How do you handle scope creep?
(Ben)- One of my best skills is project management. I am great at keeping organized, remember who is working on what, and what is needed next. I am making the game, but I have members making assets for the game. So they give me everything and I make it into a game. So it’s easy to make sure the project’s development doesn’t get out of hand.

(The Cache)- How do you stay focused on your core idea when you may have other ideas popping out at you?
(Ben)- I am always having many ideas pop up in my head. Most of them are bad, but the good ones I jot down. I do have 4 ideas for future projects. Currently I am working on my dark humor card game and Where We Live. So I am very busy working on both as it is, that adding another project is terrifying. So I try to avoid thinking about those new ideas.

(The Cache)- Are you planning on selling your game or putting it on Steam?

(Ben)- The game will be available on Steam. There are plans of releasing the game on Xbox One, and hopefully PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

(The Cache)- What program are you using to create your game?
(Ben)- The team is using Unity, Blender, Spine, Photoshop, etc. The basic stuff nothing out of the ordinary.

(The Cache)- Are you going to fund your game on Kickstarter or something similar?
(Ben)- Yes! I will be doing a low-goal, “name your price” model. So everyone can decide how much they would like to pay. The Kickstarter will be for chapter 1 of the game which is why I chose this price model. There will also be some other rewards backers can choose from.

(The Cache)-  Tell me about yourself- Are you a previous gamer? Do you go to school? Are you a pianist?

(Ben)-  I am a major gamer with a huge video game collection. I was in college and working a full time job at a law firm and all of that “adulting” stuff became very difficult with the health issues I have. So I am trying to make this game development thing work.

Thank you Ben Palladino for taking the time to interview with The Cache! We are excited for the release of your game and will check back with you to see how it’s going!!

An interesting thing happened this weekend. I got a package and inside was a Thrustmaster Hotas X for me 😀

Shout out to my husband Paul for installing everything and helping me get started!!!

My husband saw me checking out his Thrustmaster toys and decided to buy me my own set. I’m so excited to share some screenshots this week of me trying out my Thrustmaster Hotas X toy!! He bought me a copy of Elite Dangerous to play😀 I started some training missions to get the jist of the controllers and helped by being my co-pilot and helping me set everything up. My husband and I are going to play this game together, it took awile to find a two player game that will keep our interest! Give us a shoutout and let us know what you like to play with your friends and/or family.

Stay tuned for an interview with another gaming developer who so happens to be a friend of my husband’s. My second part of my review on Middle Earth’s Shadow of War will be rolling out as well so check back soon. The Cache needs your support so share our page with your friends and give us a like!

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