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Here we are again and what’s next. I am finally getting ready to double down and start building this thing. So what we are doing is expending means less free time for me but this is the way of life at times.

The Cache is going to the collective wealth knowledge and do it’s best to present information about all things tech as clear as we can. This includes everything from streamers, their gear, Games, Developers, Lawyers, and the list goes on. We will even share our take on some Internet only courses we take or took in the past.

Stay tuned for the following:
Game Reviews Via Airentertainment.biz
On the fence, We look at past or obscure titles for video games
Product Reviews, Gear.. it’s all about the gear.
Streamers, This is were we look at some streamers, games they play.
The Indies , This will be the list as we can keep up with of Indies, From Developers, Publishers, Etc. The projects they are working on.
And this is only a very short list of the things I want to get working on for 2020.
Thank you

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