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Square has announced the Final Fantasy VII demo on PS4 for the upcoming release of FFVII. Also launching a quick walk through that takes you through how to play the game along with help hints about combat.

The demo takes you through the first Chapter Mako Bombing mission. This download is clocking in at 8gbs and none of the progress can be carried over.

  However download the demo before May 11th you will get an exclusive theme for your PS4. This will be released on April 10th from the games launch menu

The much anticipated remake of the final fantasy series,  originally launched in 1997 only on the playstation. ConIn addition the game broke several boundaries when it launched with gameplay, Cinematics, and storytelling.

Final Fantasy VII is not just a remastered version of the original game.  New characters and the still decision to split the game into three parts in addition to complete graphics overhaul, combat system and they pushed to expand the original story.

With all the hype it seems like FF7 will just be successful the first time it was released.


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