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EasyMoney_504 PSN /Twitch Streamer

Willie Houston is EasyMoney_504. A Single father and serving in the US Army for 20 years. Currently playing on the PS4 psn EasyMoney_504. When asking about his reasons to stream:

EM: ” As far why I stream, I’ve been a gamer all of my life so we are talking all the way back to Atari and Coleco Vision. Back then there was no way to share gameplay so unless you had friends to come over and test your skills it was pretty much you versus the CPU. Since multiplayer and streaming has come to the forefront I’ve wanted a way to share my skills, but also give back to the gaming community because gaming has given so much to me.”

RSS Feed from Twitch

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What type of gear and software are you using?:


  • Yeti Microphone
  • C920 Pro Webcam
  • Astro A40 Mixamp Pro
  • PS4

EM: “Most of it was plug and play but the elgato takes a little work. Got everything a really good price when he started. I utilize Streamlabs OBS to enhance my stream by allowing me to add custom layovers and filters so its more interactive for those that view me.”

Currently his streaming schedule is Monday – Friday 8-11 EST and Sat-Sun 1-11 EAST

Jump over and support Easy_money at: https://m.twitch.tv/easymoney_504/profile

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