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    3D Printers: Voxelab Aquilla

    7 May 2022 , by Paul Timlin

    In a recent turn of events, I found myself with a new 3D printer Voxelab Aquilla printer. This has been a fun experience with tons of resources, such as Facebook and Reddit groups. Not to mention tons of YouTubes and 3d printer file sites. It is a very easy hobby to get into even if you don’t have much of... Read more

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    14 February 2020 , by Paul Timlin

    Single father and serving in the US Army for 20 years. Currently playing on the PS4 Read more

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    Here we go.

    7 November 2019 , by timlinp

    Here we are again and what’s next. I am finally getting ready to double down and start building this thing. So what we are doing is expending means less free time for me but this is the way of life at times. The Cache is going to the collective wealth knowledge and do it’s best to present information about all... Read more

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