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    3D Printers: Voxelab Aquilla

    7 May 2022 , by Paul Timlin

    In a recent turn of events, I found myself with a new 3D printer Voxelab Aquilla printer. This has been a fun experience with tons of resources, such as Facebook and Reddit groups. Not to mention tons of YouTubes and 3d printer file sites. It is a very easy hobby to get into even if you don’t have much of... Read more

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    Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08

    20 February 2020 , by Paul Timlin

    Note: This product was purchased. We did not receive any form of compastation or endorsement for writing this review. Let us get into a quick run down of some basic technical things. First of all the features are as follows. So on the right we have a sound scroll wheel, typical sound controls lock button to lock the windows key... Read more

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    The MadCatz RAT 8+

    21 January 2020 , by Paul Timlin

    The R.A.T range is built for endurance,using materials and components specified to meet the demands. La R.A.T. 8+ is constructed around a super lightweight chassis,ensuring the sensor position is perfectly balanced for tracking on your gaming surface. It also provides the rigid foundation for the rest of the control modules. R.A.T. 8+ also comes fi... Read more

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