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  • by Fracter
    I had the pleasure of playing through the excellent horror game Visage recently, developed and published by SadSquare studio, and wanted to try and express my thoughts for why it’s such a compelling horror title amongst a sea of titles that don’t hold up. Horror is a tricky genre to create, and an even harder […]
  • by Fracter
    Visage is a first person horror developed and published by SadSquare Studio. You are trapped in a house you can’t seem to escape from, and need to work your way through the tragic stories of each of the houses former denizens. But be warned; they wont make it easy. Lets play the tape on our […]
  • by Andi
    F1 2021 PlayStation 5 Review – Can this be a championship contender? – Here we are, another year and another Formula 1 title release. If you have kept up to date with my reviews over the years you will all know that this is one title I look forward to playing and reviewing. The general […]
  • by Fracter
    Unworthy is a metroidvania souls-like developed and published by  Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games Inc. Today, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic is part of Mongoose Rodeo, who as of writing this article have hit almost every stretch goal for their new game on kickstarter, Crowsworn. I was so excited by Crowsworn that I decided to buy and play his first […]
  • by Luke Pillar
    The top 10 most sold nintendo switch games to date have been laid bare for all to see by Nintendo in their latest sales figures summary, and some of the results are rather surprising to say the least! Here we will go through them all and list the absolute best selling games as announced by […]
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