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  • by Andi Hodgetts
    Konami have quietly released a new title today in the form of Skelattack. That in itself should be great news. Developed by Ukaza, a little known Indie team, the 2D side scroller is full of combat and action. Great news for them that a once great team in Konami have taken them under their wings […]
  • by Luke Jackson & Rik Norton
    Deep Rock Galactic is an FPS featuring badass space dwarfs! Created by Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Studios. Deep Rock Galactic allows you to Team up with 1-3 bearded buddies or Rock it solo if you are man enough! Dive deep into the depths of the procedurally generated caves and tackle endless […]
  • by Shaun M Jooste
    Cyan Worlds bring realMyst to the Switch. How does it compare to the original? Read our review to find out.
  • by Andi Hodgetts
    First releasing back in August 2010, Mafia 2 has made a comeback on the latest generation of consoles thanks to 2K Games. Set within the fictional Empire Bay in 1945, the game’s storyline follows Sicilian mobster Vito Scaletta. Struggling to climb through the ranks of the Mafia crime families within the city takes players through a tough journey. It seems […]
  • by Luke Pillar
    Liberated is a Cyberpunk-Noir style Action-Adventure game. The story unfolds as a series of comic books. Created by Atomic Wolf, L.inc and published by Walkabout Games. It takes the whole ‘Big Brother is watching you’ concept and runs with it. Boasting stunningly great visual’s and a completely unique narrative experience for the player to enjoy. […]
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