About Us

About thecache.net

"Thecache.net" Started as project back in the days of Dial-up pre AOL and internet.  The Cache BBS was a gaming/gamer dedicated source for tips, tricks, easter eggs, from the first need for speed, Ultima series in the late 80's , to arcade games in the early 90's, finally to playstation and other gaming consoles.
All this started to shift our focus, In this iteration we dedicated the last several years helping the Indie Game movement. Posting reviews, News, Kickstarters information, Interviews , and etc.

Slowly finding our place in this every changing market we are dedicated ourselves to helping that indie community. Providing honest reviews, Helpful links to resources , GIMP, Godot, Unity. among others.

Finding some of helpful tutorials, streamers, publishers, writers, developers, sound designers , and share that information with you.