Interview with Japes Hirons

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I decided to interview another Indie developer and friend of ours the

wait for it………..

The great “about to be famous” Japes Hirons. He is in the process of creating his own masterpiece, a game titled Neon Sword. A big thank you to Japes for taking the time to interview with us. We can’t wait to share this with everyone!!



( Julie)-  Tell me about your game. Is it an open world environment?

(Japes)- Neon Sword is a cyberpunk RPG set in the year 2084 which is heavily influenced by Sci-Fi films from the 1980’s
for the first half hour of the game you will be aboard a small spacecraft in the year 2074 after the prologue
which is also going to be released in demo form you will have free roam of Quaid City!


(Julie)- What inspired you to make video game(s)?

(Japes)- I grew up watching my grandad play the Amiga and as I started to play games myself I always wanted to make
something like I was playing.

(Julie)-  Is your game based on something in your own life?

(Japes)- Not really it’s a story made from a passion for Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and gaming.


(Julie)- When is your release date?

(Japes)- I can’t say to much but targeted is 2018.

(Julie)- Did you create a timeline to complete your game?

(Japes)- Yes I always try to write a timeline it helps stop feature creep.

(Julie)-  Have you worked on other games or is this your first?

(Japes)- I made a few flash games a long time ago that are still floating around out there somewhere,
I also worked on a few mobile games and one of my own but I took that down a while ago;
I mainly spent my time making Apps, Games and Websites for other people.

(Julie)-  What has been your most challenging part of your creation so far?

(Japes)- Finding the right art style as someone working alone I wanted to work within reason I have experience with high quality models and texturing
but for one person alone its unrealistic to complete a game this big with models like that; Neon Sword started out as a top down 2d game in 2012. From there I built a full area and decided it wasn’t right something was off with it, then I made it 2D using only the gameboy color palette,
but again it didn’t suit what I was aimming for; after a while I built a street with voxels and it just felt right and I went from there.

(Julie)- What resources did you use to tackle your challenges making your game?

(Japes)- Coffee lots of coffee thats all I need to help me haha.


(Julie)-  Any suggestions to someone who is starting out making a game of their own?

(Japes)- Start small; don’t listen to people who say you can’t do that,  its your game express yourself through it.

(Julie)-  How do you handle scope creep?

(Japes)- I keep a physical folder and write all creeping features in a section that says “After Release Content Ideas”.

(Julie)-  How do you stay focused on your core idea when you may have other ideas popping out at you?

(Japes)- I think been indie you really must have a passion for game making and that passion will drive you forward if its the game you want to make.

(Julie)- Are you planning on selling your game or putting it on Steam?

(Japes)- Yeah the game is being published by Keystone Games and is coming to PC, Xbox and Ps4.



(Julie)-  What program are you using to create your game?

(Japes)- Unity because I know it inside out.
(Julie)-  Are you going to fund your game on Kickstarter or something similar?

(Japes)- There is a plan to crowd fund at the start of next year it was planned or this year, but I’m the kind of person that needs things to be just right so I pushed it back.

(Julie)- Tell me about yourself- Are you a previous gamer?

(Japes)- I’m Japes a dad of 3 and married to a very supportive wife that probably wants to kill me most days haha.
I’ve always been a gamer since the day I first ever touched a joystick of the Amiga but lately I haven’t bought any new games due to working on Neon Sword; I do have a large backlist of games to play once I get chance though.

(Julie)-  What inspired you to make video game(s)?

(Japes)- My uncle built me my first PC when I was 15; me and him used to play flight sims and I said to him about making my own he was the one that
told me to research it and go from there and I did, sadly he passed away suddenly a few years ago and never got to see Neon Sword in the state it is today.

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