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Voxelab Aquilla printer

In a recent turn of events, I found myself with a new 3D printer Voxelab Aquilla printer. This has been a fun experience with tons of resources, such as Facebook and Reddit groups. Not to mention tons of YouTubes and 3d printer file sites. It is a very easy hobby to get into even if you don’t have much of a design background.

I have spent the better part of the last 4 months playing around with Autodesk Fusion 360 as well as blender designing all sorts of the 3D files to print. I have tried out a few different brands of 3D filament. Also the types PLA, PLA+, ABS, and PTEG+

My initial run into designing my own things at the same time learning what 3D printers can’t do. I have a box of objects that didn’t turn out quite right. This comes from designing on the fly and not really planning out my designs. I found once I put my drafting skills to work and then transferred those Plans into prints my success rate improved by at least 75%.

The Setup: The printer arrived in pieces and had to be assembled and between the instructions and youtube videos this was a fairly easy process. “Do not Skip steps” Every bolt and nut needs to be checked including the ones under the bed. It came with a micro SD card so even getting the first few test prints was almost right away. Next though game Printer upgrades luckily this printer is close enough to the Ender 3 that a lot of things work with it already.

Thingsverse: Posted my first project file to the website today. H-Shifting plate for my PXN. This is my first attempt at making mods for my gaming equipment.


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